At Bruco Engineering, we have a suite of impressive equipment available for use on the work we do for you. The images throughout our website is testament to this fact, however we're also just as keen to share with you some of the more technical details.


Our lathes ensure we have a turning capacity that can vary from small to large work. We can handle items up to 1600 mm diameter by 5500 mm long

CNC Lathe

1500 BC x 530 dia swing.

Machining Centre

Our machining centre has a dimension of 1250 x 680 x 800.

Milling Machines

We have medium to large milling machines, with a work capacity of 8400 mm in length, 1600 mm high and 1200 mm in depth.


We have a comprehensive range of equipment that is suitable for tool & cutter grinding, surface grinding and internal and external grinding.
INTERNAL 700 mm diameter x 800 mm length
EXTERNAL 670 mm diameter x 2700 mm length
SURFACE 1000 mm diameter x 250 mm high.

Horizontal Borers

Our horizontal borer has an impressive table weight of 12 tonne! The actual dimensions are 2000 mm x 2000 mm x 2000 mm.

Vertical Borers

3800 mm diameter swing. 1800 mm under the tool.


3800 mm diameter , 1200 mm length of cut.

Facing & Centering Machine

190 mm Diameter x 1600 mm long.

Overhead Cranes

Our two quality overhead cranes can satisfy most work. Capacity for these cranes are 5 tonne x 8 mtrs under hook, or alternatively 15 tonne x 8 mtrs under hook.

Radial Arm Drills

2500 mm arm x 2700 mm high under spindle.

Hydraulic Vertical Presses

1 off 40 tonne, 1 off 100 tonne, 1 off 45 tonne fly press.


Our Mig and Arc Welding Boretech Hole Welding Machines are able to weld holes from as little as 25mm diameter through to a very large 700 mm diameter. We can weld various grades of material using this system.


Horizontal Band Saw, automatic 250 mm diameter Manual Bow Saw 355 mm diameter.


If you have any questions about any of the equipment listed here, or wish to know more about other equipment that may not appear on this list, we encourage you to get in contact with us, so that we can discuss your exact requirements.