7 tonne shaftServices

Parts Manufacture & Repairs

We understand that it's common for spare parts to be too expensive or too slow to import, so we're proud to say that Bruco Engineering specialises in manufacturing these parts in-house.

We have manufactured various items ranging from sewing machine parts to mining and earth moving equipment through to specialised tooling for the aeronautics industry.

Bruco Engineering specialises in Precision Engineering work and has manufactured components for most of the development projects in Western Australia.

Our precision engineering capacity allows Bruco Engineering to manufacture spare parts for equipment overhauls in house and is an important factor in Bruco's success as a supplier to the mining, manufacturing and processing industries.

Bruco Engineering can produce parts as required, working either from rough sketches, drawings or from samples. We specialise in urgent work! Please contact us to discuss our parts manufacturing and repairs services in more detail.

Bruco EngineeringPrecision Machining of Fabricated Items

Throughout our history, we have (due to customer demand and chronic shortages of suitably equipped machine shops) invested in specialised machinery, suitable to machine most of the larger fabricated items being built throughout Australia.

These fabricated items are not only for North West Projects either; we're equally at home in machining items for machinery and equipment being exported overseas.

Bruco Engineering have highly skilled and qualified personnel, who specialise in the setting up and machining of these items, to meet even the most stringent specifications and delivery times requested by our customers. Bruco Engineering is very conscious of the fact that, time is money. We pride ourselves for the customer break down services we are able to offer; reducing your unscheduled break down times and getting you back into full production, as quickly as possible.

Please contact us to discuss our precision machining services in more detail.